Friday, August 7, 2009


Sorry it has been so long. And this isnt going to make up for it. I have a sinus infection. And bronchitis. And I am miserable. I am actually not sure whether I felt better before or after starting the medications I am currently on. I just want to sleep. Or at least lie down. Somewhere quiet. And least I seem to have stopped coughing. But now Matty is coughing. He was up all last night coughing. Which is miserable. And he didnt sleep well the night before because he was in Minneapolis for a work conference. Not that it kept me up. I am pretty sure the pseduoephedrine in my $27 MucinexD did that. And through all of this, has anyone at work even appeared to notice that I left at 10:30 on Monday, wasnt in at all on Tuesday, left at 1 on Wednesday, left at 3 yesterday? Apparently not. Story to sum it all up: Wednesday I had to go to the mouse colony before going to my doctor's appt (yes, I went to see a doctor!). While I was down there I managed to scratch my face. I thought nothing of it. Spent an hour and a half down there. Came up stairs, walked through 2 different building. Rode an elevator with 4 people. Came into lab. Saw all of my lab mates. Packed up all my stuff. Walked 4 blocks to Student Health. Checked in, sat in the waiting room, saw a nurse and then finally a doctor who asked me "What happened to your face?" To which I said "I have no idea." To which she handed me a wet paper towel and some neosporin and told me to wash up while she got some test results because I was bleeding. Bleeding! I scratched myself around 11. It was now 1:30 and finally someone thought to mention that I was bleeding! Ugh. It isnt that bad, just a scratch. But still. No one could have mentioned it to me before then? I am so going home early again. I will try again next week. Hopefully by then I will start to feel better. Hopefully.

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