Monday, August 10, 2009


So my sinus infection is still here. (Yes I know I should give the antibiotics at least a week to work, but I dont wanna!) And still painful and not a huge fan of the humidity at all. The heat index is supposed to be 100 today. So I took the bus. Which is good. Because I was at work (not walking here) in the AC and relatively unsweaty when my father called to tell me that my Nana passed away this morning. So I got to cry at work (which I hate) instead of on the street (which I hate more). And you know what totally helps sinuses? Crying. No. Not really. So, it looks like I am heading to RI for a quick visit this week. Fan-fucking-tastic. I was really hoping to go see her at the end of the month when I head up there for a wedding (her granddaughter's wedding). No one thought it was going to be so fast. But it was quick (most of the family didnt even make it to the hospital in time) and painless (she was on a lot of pain meds). And it wasn't too close to the wedding (almost 3 weeks). But she was like my surrogate grandmother since mine died when I was 4. Ugh. Just ugh.

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nicole said...

Hugs again from Miami. Wish I was either closer to you or in RI so I could do something. If even just to buy you a drink and sit together.