Thursday, August 20, 2009

Center City Sips Review Week 4 (for us): Smokin' Betty's

I know. This is really really really late (we went here sometime mid-July). Sorry! I have been way behind. As a note, all the pics in this post were taken from the yelp page.

Smokin' Betty's is the newest restaurant by the people who brought us Devil's Alley. It has been awhile since we were there and I honestly can't remember all the specials. I tried both of the cocktails on special. One was similar to a bellini - a light ale with peach nectar. And the other, the Paradise Kitty was a tropical drink with rums and mango juice. It is delicious. They do special happy hour editions of their flatbread pizza (changes daily and is usually delicious), cheesesteak springrolls (good but a bit pricey even for happy hour since you only get 1), house smoked wings (an order of 5 - they are awesome!) and veggie quesadilla (which we didnt get).

The menu is very similar to Devil's Alley but the feel is different. It is a much cleaner and larger space. It is 2 floors and the windows open to give it a very open air feel. It caters largely to the Jefferson crowd which is great for Happy Hour because they don't seem to show up until after 5:30 it seems. So if you get there right after 5 it is pretty empty and you have your choice of seats. I really like it. It is a different place so we dont feel like we keep going back to the same place over and over. The food is good and the service for Sips was good considering how crowded it got. Matty went back for Sips again last week and had major service issues so it is something to keep in mind. We went back for dinner on a Tuesday night and service was very good and the place was almost empty (which is a little concerning). That night Matty had the BBQ Sliders - hickory smoked beef brisket, carolina pulled pork, and caribbean pulled served with macaroni salad ($8) and I had the Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Rabe Sandwich - roasted
red pepper, sharp provolone & pesto mayo ($9.25). Both were excellent. The chicken sandwich was a little heavy on the mayo for me, but was really really good. And the sliders were perfect. I am not even sure which one I liked the best. The Sips menu is very similar to the normal everyday happy hour and I would highly recommend for happy hour, Sips (in the one week left) or for dinner.

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