Friday, May 30, 2008

OK, you are all off the hook . . . for now!

Apparently the insurance adjuster stole the piece of carpet. The reasoning was this: they need to determine the quality of the carpet so that they know how much it will cost to replace because of the water damage. So they took a piece from behind the couch (out of sight) to test. The problem with this reasoning is this: there was no water damage. The only damage to the carpet is from them cutting a hole out of it. So they have to replace an entire carpet because they wanted to know how much it would cost to replace an entire carpet. Whatever, we are off the hook! And more importantly, it means we do not have a friend who cuts holes in our carpeting! Yay!

Damn you thief!

So last night after work I met Matty and we went to Modell's to buy Phillies shirts for us and his family as we are going to a Phillies game tonight and thought it would be nice. Yeah, very us, I know. Then we went to Nodding Head for dinner we had a Rasta Man chicken sandwich (jerk marinade, pepper jack, spicy aioli, fried plantains) with spanish fries and a Montego burger (bacon, boursin, pickapeppa sauce). I had a glass of the Phunk (amber in color, rather dry and complex (5.5%ABV)... inspired by the sour beers of Belgium... fermented using multiple yeast strains, lactobacillus and several types of brettanomyces... sevred unfiltered) and Matty had the Zephyr (inspired by the Altbiers of Dusseldorf... copper in color with a herbal hop finish).

The shower is fixed! The hole is patched! There is a new access panel in the ceiling to hopefully stop the making of new giant holes in the ceiling. And we are now lacking one of our lights which is unfortunate because it was the one right over my side of the couch. But we can live. The are painting today. But there is a new twist in the apartment dilemma. Which sort of came to a head last night. When we moved the couch to give space to get at and repair the hole we noticed something a little odd. There was a 1 foot by 1 foot piece of carpet missing. Gone. The pad is still there. The carpet is not. This is under where our couch usually is and since the couch hasn't been moved (by us) since we moved in almost 2 years ago, we have no idea for how long this piece has been missing. Contrary to what Matty thought (I am not sure how) the patch has been cut out and the pad underneath is also cut down to the concrete in most places. So we asked the landlords, hoping they had done this and neglected to tell us (them being hippies and all). And they were as shocked as us. Because honestly. How does a 1 foot square piece of carpeting from under a full size futon go missing? So if any of you thought it would be cute to remove this piece of carpet, could you at least let us know why? Because our entire downstairs (minus the kitchen) is wall to wall, one continuous piece. Which means that the entire carpet now needs to be replaced. And since we can't prove that we didn't do it, that means that we lose our security deposit. At least. So I would at least like to know why. Thanks.

Puzzle: Alphabet Soup: How many common English words can you make fromt he letters below, using all five letters once in each word? Can you find at least 4?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh my God I know - so many posts!

But I forgot to tell you and I just remembered while reading Beta's blog. I ate my frist strawberry last night! It was really tiny but ripe and delicious. This should have been my second strawberry but something ate the first one between the night I decided it needed one more day and that next night. So yay! Gardening produces fruit! No tomatoes yet. But my chiles are growing nicely and my arugula is getting big. Does anyone know about growing greens, when should/can I eat them? My bell pepper has a few flowers but no peppers yet. And my cucumber plant is totally attacking my other plants. I need to fix that soon. Ok. I promise not to . . . . ok, i probably will not post again today.

Puzzles and Polls

So firstly, because I have been watching the Stanley Cup the last few nights - a poll about Hockey. Feel free to comment on this post but please do vote.

Secondly, because the Marines and Army are advertising heavily during the Stanley Cup and Matty and I were discussing it last night - a poll about our Armed Forces. Please comment here but also vote.

1) What three six-letter words that are anagrams of one another can be used to complete the sentence below?
The designer made a beautiful collection in ______ colors, with ______ in the skirts and the ______ possible shades.

2) You look at the time and realize that it it were two hours earlier, it would be three time as long before midnight as it would be two hours from now. What time is it now?

3) Tom Swifty: First unscramble the letters in weach word below, then unscramble the word order to create a Tom Swifty sentence.

4) The Great Detective was called in on a case where a man had been found stabbed to death in his apartment, fully furnished with a desk, chairs, TV, refrigerator, etc. No knife was found, but a sharp-bladed mold was found. The apartment was locked from the inside, and there was no sign that anyone had broken in. What happened?

5) Animal Matter: Each definition below applies to a word that begins with the name of a different animal. Can you find all three words?
a) To attack verbally ________ (8 letters)
b) Preprandial drink ________ (8 letters)
c) To confirm ______ (6 letters)

6) The names of three fruits are interlettered below. The letters are in consecutive order. Can you find them?

Oh my god so much to post!

And I keep waiting until I have time to post everything, which of course will never happen, so the longer I wait, the more there is to post and so I am going to start now and see how far I get.

Sooooo! Long weekend! The weather could not have been more incredibly awesome. I decided to kick off the beautifully weathered weekend with a backyard pizza and wine party. And by party I mean Joey. And then Tara and Norah and Patrick stopped by. After work I went to Trader Joe's and Thriftway and picked up pizza making supplies. Then Matty and I made a ham and pineapple pizza, a vegan mixed veggie pizza (eggplant, squash, onion, pepper, asparagus) and a vegan thai pizza which sorta played off of the Thai Chicken Pizza I made a little while ago which was so awesome. We also "decided" to clean out our wine racks. So 3 pizzas, 6 bottles of wine, and much drunken regretfulness later . . . it was Saturday morning. I will just leave it at that.

Saturday was a simply glorious day weatherwise. Matty and I decided to get breakfast/brunch at Sidecar. We had the black bean and egg burrito and the tasso and egg toastie. Mmmmmm! Then we walked around the city some. I decided I wanted to buy a summer dress . . . which did not work out at all. And then I finally got some potting mix for my strawberries and cherry tomatoes. Yes, I know I need to post pictures. I promise I will. Really. Garden, ceiling hole, sausage. I know! Then we headed to Dan's college-themed, leaving-his-last-school-apartment, Memorial Day bbq. Which involved wearing our school colors and a quarter barrel. First there was a sporting outing. Which means touch football in Clark Park. WE ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS! Honestly. Now I didnt play. 1) I am way too out of shape. 2) I am at all good at football. 3) I am way too terrified of being hit in the stomach with a football. Or another too-old out of shape player. There were no major injuries this time which was good. Though Matty managed to somehow injure his chest by running full speed into a brick wall, oh wait no, another player. (He is still in pain) When everyone decided they had finally had enough we went back to dan's and started up the grill and continued trying to kick the keg. A thing about kegs. WE ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS too. There were not nearly enough drinkers, who were not nearly young enough to finish it. But we gave it the old college try. We also debuted the sausage. Yay! Matty and I had sauteed up some of the chorizo bulk, but this was the first true sausage test. And I have to say it was a complete success. There were definitely some who were a bit freaked out by the sausage. But as far as taste was concerned, I was very happy. The chorizo was definitely still too cinnamon-y but the heat was increased which helped counteract. Next time - same heat, less cinnamon and a little salt. The Italian was awesome. It really was. I thought it was a bit on the salty side, and even less salt-sensitive people agreed. But it was so tasty and juicy. So next time - a little less salt. Otherwise. Perfect. Next sausage forays - breakfast and vegan.

Sunday Matty decided he wanted to have a picnic. So we packed up our picnic backpack - yess we have a picnic backpack. Complete with plates and wine glasses and cheese board and salt and pepper shakers. We stopped at Thriftway and picked up some cheese, turkey, pepperoni, pickle, black bean salad, chips and a baguette and then hiked up the Schuylkill River Trail up past the boathouses to a nice shady spot along the river. We had a lovely picnic and then wandered over to the sun and read for a bit. And then back to the shade because it was really hot. We had a lovely time. It wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected it to be. We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and picked up some pickies for dinner (veggie samosas, lemongrass chicken sticks and chicken empanaditas) and sundae supplies (Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough [which is actually better for you than Trader Joe's french vanilla or coffee!], whipped cream). When we got home we watched I'm Not There, which confused the hell out of both of us. And had dinner and sundaes along with raspberry hot fudge.

Monday we got up and decided we wanted mexican. (We watched a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives which included a mexican place in Austin Sunday night) So we walked down (in more splendid weather) to Taqueria Veracruzana in the Italian Market. There a couple of mexican places down there we keep meaning to try and this time we decided to actually do it instead of talking about it. And I must say mmmmmmmm!!!! So glad we did. We had a chicken burrito (very tasty, a bit dry, but in a good way, fantastic cheese and tortilla) and chorizo tacos (oh my god delicious! spicy and yummy and perfect. Awesome tortillas and a splash of lime right before you eat them. Oh my god great) and the chips and salsas they bring out are also fantastic. The chips arent salted and dotn need to be, the salsas are so yummy, the green one is HOT though, be careful! On our way down there we ran into Casey who invited us over and since it has been way too long without seeing Lindsay and Casey's place we decided to take them up on it. So we wandered further south and stopped by and ended up staying most of the afternoon. We were stuffed from lunch but tried some of Lindsay's marinated tofu and mushrooms (fabulous!) and watermelon (so summery and yummy). When we finally left we walked up to Super Fresh and picked up stuff for dinner and I made a ravioli salad with grape tomoatoes, fresh raw spinach, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, onion, red pepper. And made a quick white balsamic vinagrette. Nice and light and summery. Then we watched the Phillies-Rockies game (20-5 go Phils!) and the Stanley Cup game (2?-0). The Pens just looked like they were getting their asses handed to them. They were simply not playing the puck and not following through.

Tuesday our landlord was supposed to come and fix the shower (and didn't, just like he didn't come on Monday). Sigh. We had nan-pizzas with pepperoni and kalamata olives and roasted red peppers and spinach (2 different pizzas).

Yesterday I finally got my sequences back and the thing I have been trying to clone for 17 months, looks like I finally did it. Or enough to be happy with it. NOw we just need to see if it works. But I am pretty excited about it. Then I got home and our landlord was still there, "working" on the bathroom. Now I really like our landlords. They are really nice and did a lot of work on the apartment and always seem to get stuff done when we ask and are really talented. (The reason he didn't come earlier was because he was working on The Totally Terrific Treehouses at Tyler Arboretum, if you go to page 4 here he is Ric Allison) But they are kinda hippies and hard to understand. So when I asked if everything was all set, I thought he said yes, he would just need to come back today to fix the giant hole in the ceiling. But then he made it sound like he knew what was wrong and showed me (making me think it was still wrong) and told me to put towels around the base of the shower when we showered (which makes me feel it isnt all better) and the bucket was still there (again with the not making me feel like everything was fixed). But I didnt know how to ask if it was all fixed . . . again. And Matty wasnt there . . . . and I panicked. The shower is VERY clean though. And the apartment reeks of bleach for the effort. And this morning the drip was still there. And there is a whole lot of ladders and stuff in our living room. And . . . . yeah. I just really hope it is better before the Gallaghers arrive on Friday. Oh I didnt mention? Yeah. Tomorrow. All 4 of them. For dinner we grilled some brats (leftover from Sausage Fest), zucchini, red peppers, onions and mushrooms. And we watched the Pens game. Where they played like the team we know they are. Fleury and Crosby were on. They played the puck, they followed through, they utilized the whole ice and handled the puck so much better than they did on Monday. I am sure part of it was being home and scoring the early goal. But they really played like a Stanley Cup team last night. Hockey makes me so nervous though! Oh my god. It is so fast and so much rides on every score and they can get so hurt so bad so quick. And I get so nervous when the goalie leaves the crease. I know that people call it Figure Skating with Sticks but I dont get it. It is so much more exciting than baseball or even a lot of football and certainly basketball.

Ok, so how did I do? Are you still reading? Really? Wow, you must have more time on your hands than I do! Oh right, puzzles. Well I have to set up a PCR. I will put them up in a bit.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh and one more thing

So this was the actual reason for blogging today so of course I forgot it. Matty has been turning on CNN when he gets home. Probably because I was mad at him that he didnt know what was going on in the world. But I have totally turned into my mother when watching the news. I yell at the TV. I do. I dont mean to. But it makes me so angry. And since Matty is anti-confrontational I dont think he likes me yelling at the TV. So I am going to try to yell here instead. We will see what happens.

The thing that I have been yelling and blustering the most about lately is Hillary. Now I have a hundred reasons why. But the one that really gets me (besides her killing the party and our chances for the November election) is her insistence on counting the Michigan and Florida primaries or for the DNC to seat the delegates. This is so absurd that I dont understand why she is even allowing herself to say it out loud. never mind why it seems like people agree with her. Now if you live in Florida and Michigan, I am sorry. Your votes should absolutely have been counted. You should be allowed should make a difference. HOWEVER! Your STATES decided that your voices would not be heard and your votes to not be counted. They were warned of the consequences. And they moved the primaries anyway. You cannot change the rules in the middle of the game. You just can't. Maybe the DNC should have allowed new primaries. Maybe. But to suggest that you can include results the voters were told that their votes wouldn't count. That is simply absurd. How many people who would have voted if they thought it mattered actually voted? And how many people who were so upset at their own states didnt vote. Or couldnt take time out of work and so didnt vote. Or couldnt find child-care and so didnt vote. Because they were told that their votes werent going to be counted. And dont even get me started on Michigan. She was the only candidate on the ballot!

Ugh! Ok. I will stop. Hopefully this will stop me from yelling at the TV about this for a little while.

Happy National Taffy Day

Today is National Taffy Day. I dont like taffy. But if you do, here is a great reason to eat more of it.

Last night Matty made a yummy salad for dinner and we watched Freaks and Geeks. Did anyone else watch this show? I didnt religiously but I remember liking it. I also find myself often thinking - Oh that was so and so from Freaks and Geeks. So I Netflixed it. So this is what Judd Apatow did after The Ben Stiller Show, The Critic and The Larry Sanders Show and before Undeclared and then ALL the Judd Apatow movies recently. It is also what Linda Cardellini did before ER, what John Francis Daley did before the other half dozen shows he has done, what James Franco did before Spider-man and more importantly Tristan + Isolde, what Samm Levine did before becoming the youngest member of the New York Friars Club (yeah nothing else hugely worthwhile to mention), what Jason Segel did before How I Met Your Mother and what Seth Rogen did before you knew how Seth Rogen was. Which makes it a pretty cool show to have been involved with. Also if you look through their IMDB files they pretty much all follow each other around. Look how manyhave been on Dawson's Creek, Entourage, CSI, How I Met Your Mother. And how many are now in Judd Apatow's stuff.

The weather is perfect and I am trying to decide how long I have to stay here. I am out of stuff to do. But it is only 3. But it is the Friday before Memorial Day. Sigh. Pizza and wine tonight in the backyard. Looking forward to it.

Today's puzzle is too difficult to type. So sorry. You will just have to wait until Tuesday. Yay 3 day weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy busy bee

Last night I met Matty after work at Mad "4" Mex for some $7 22oz Big Azz Margarita and half price wings. Mmm . . . wings. Not so mmmm . . . . the margaritas. I guess my taste has significantly refined. They are not good. I knew that the weren't good but I used to really like it. Oh well. Karla was there with friends so we got to talk to her for a bit. Then we headed to Marathon for dinner. We split a proscuitto, fresh mozzarella, arugula and pesto sandwich and a southwestern chopped cobb salad. Both were really good and nice and refreshing. Then we still had quite a bit of time to kill so we wandered around Fresh Grocer. Which is about as fun as it sounds. Finally we decided to just sit outside the theater. Everything was fine for awhile. And then a homeless-guy-from-Jersey-just-released-from-the-VA-with-no-money saw us. Even though we insisted we had no money (which we almost didn't) he insisted that that was fine. He just wanted to share the love. So first he recited a love poem. And then he sang an original composition by himself. He was actually pretty good. Matty managed to gulp down his coffee and we excused ourselves inside.

So first, the audience. Now it was a 9:50pm show of Prince Caspian (a children's movie) on a Wednesday, on an Ivy League University campus two days after commencement. So while I hate going to movies in this city, I agreed because I mean honestly, how bad could it be. Right? WRONG!!!! What is it with this city and talking through fucking movies?! Why on earth would you pay $12.50 to sit in a dark room with strangers if you were not actually going to watch and pay attention to the movie? If you absolutely MUST talk AT ALL TIMES in LOUD OBNOXIOUS ways in order to survive, STAY THE FUCK HOME! Grrrrrrr! I have no problem with laughing at funny parts, gasping at scary parts, maybe the occasional one or two word whispered comment to the person directly next to you. There is NO reason to have a conversation, about anything DURING a movie. Ugh.

So secondly, the previews. Again, this was a children's movie. So we got children's movie previews. Including Wall-E which looks adorable, Igor which looks cute and Beverly Hills Chihuahua which looks ridiculous and I cant wait to see it. Seriously. Watch the preview. It is like one of those crazy dog people made a big budget movie starring . . . chihuahuas, chihuahuas, and more chihuahuas. There is dancing. And singing. Chihuahuas.

And finally, the actual movie. I liked it, for what it was. the first one was better, but the first book was better. They toned down the religiousness but it is pretty evident. They added significant parts which was interesting since the movie was probably long enough without them. But they were pretty cool looking. They also added some humor that was unnecessary. Reepicheep was funny enough in the book. And a more pronounced love interest. But yeah, for what it was, I thought it was well done, enjoyable. I am going to reread the book quickly to remember better.

Puzzle: We've removed all the vowels from the beginning of a well-known quotation. Can you put them back where they belong?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One more thing

Ok, so am I the only one who regularly gets those word verification thingys wrong? Perhaps I will make a poll about this. Except that so far only 3 people have voted in my current poll. But really. Sometimes I think maybe I should see a doctor. Like those color number things where there is a circle and a number inside in another color and it shows if you are color-blind? Well what does it mean if you can't distinguish highly stylized nonsensical strings of letters?

Happy National Waiters and Waitresses Day!

I would like to add that today is also National Memo Day. So take a memo - treat your waitpeople extra nice today.

I actually got some promising results at work yesterday. So we are keeping our fingers all crossed and stuff.

Last night we made burritos from last week's leftover rice, veggies and pork. Mmmmm! Then (you guessed it) we turned to the Wii and played some more Subspace Emissary. And we beat Tabuu! Yay! Which mean we beat the game. Yay! Did you follow those links? Is anyone else a little freaked out that there is a Smash Bros Wiki? An incredibly detailed and intense Smash Bros Wiki. There are also these:

Uh huh. Honestly, go to some of them. then rethink if you think WE spend too much time on the Wii. So after beating that we played some team battles. I am thinking that I really like Pit. We also tried out the Home Run Contest. Which was confusing and so maybe I need to read the wiki. We also played the 100-man Multi Man Brawl. Which is ridiculous and lots of fun. And finally we built our very first stage. It isnt very good. But it is playable and it is ours. And we could send it to you if you had Smash Bros Brawl. And actually played it. Yes Beth, i am looking at you!
Tonight: Prince Caspian.

Puzzle: In each below, think of the six-letter answer to the clue on the left, then change its first letter to make the six-letter answer tot he clue on the right.
a) Male honker ______ To roam ______
b) Shrink in fear ______ "Peripheral" kind of benefit ______
c) Earth ______ Circa ______

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So just to make this all more confusing. My friend Poo (aka Rob) has decided to muck with ciggitycite immediately after I explained what it was. Thanks Poo. So here is the deal NOW. If you turn your attention to the right hand sidebar. As opposed to the non-existant left hand one. Ciggitycite - The Blog links to, you guessed it, Poo's blog. Which is new and relatively untested for endurance. There may be posts by other members of Ciggitycite - The Forum which has been described earlier. Which you should check out. Because it is cool. But not for the weak of stomach or faint of heart or easily offended. And is sometimes not work appropriate. And finally there is Ciggitycite - The Wiki which is . . . well it is a wiki, constructed by the members of The Forum. So yes. There it is.


Last night we finally tried the chorizo we made this weekend. I am pretty happy with the consistency and the fat content. I am a bit unhappy with the spicing. I used half of the cayenne and half of the cinnamon that the recipe called for since 1/8 cup of cayenne per lb seemed like a lot and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon per pound seemed like a lot since I am not a huge cinnamon and meat fan. The hotness was fine, i don't think i would want any more. But the cinnamon was way too much. Really it tasted mostly like cinnamon. Matty liked it, but he doesn't have cinnamon/meat issue. But for a first try, it wasn't a disaster. After dinner we played some more Smash Bros Adventure mode. And by "some" I mean like 4 hours. And we have finally gotten to the end of the Great maze but the final (hopefully) boss is ridiculous and we gave up at 11:30. Because we are old. And I was tired. We would like to play online against friends but certain friends (you know who you are!) won't complete the registration process and dont play as often as us anyways. Of course this is mostly right now for us because we are avoiding our Netflixs. Which is silly of course.

Oh and we think that the "possum" is actually a mouse (hopefully) inside our bedroom wall, the outside one against the backyard. I think I would prefer a possum. But at least (as far as we know) it is not inside the apartment . . . sigh.

Word Ladder: Make your was from PIG to STY in only five steps, changing one leter at a time to make a common English word at each step.
_ _ _
_ _ _
_ _ _
_ _ _

Monday, May 19, 2008

Not for the faint of stomach

Friday Matty finally got ahold of the plumber and was told that they were waiting to hear from the insurance company that was talking to the tilers because the new plan was to take out the shower and get to the leak from there. Which would mean that we wouldnt have a bathroom for an unspecified length of time at some point in the near future. Which would mean the apartment would not really be livable. Fun. Still haven't heard from our landlords and dont think they know what is going on.

Friday night due to the ugliness of the weather we decided to stay in and order Giannas (pesto chicken cutlet was amazing and goomba steak was very good as well) and play Mario Kart.

Saturday we decided to try out one of my birthday presents. The sausage maker. Yayz! First we stopped at goodburger to try it out since it opened earlier in the month. I was pretty impressed actually. They grind their own meat and trust their butchers and cook to order so you can actually tell them how you want your burger done. We split a cheeseburger and fries. The fries were pretty good, not too salty. And I got a whole pickle which was really really good. I wonder who will make it longer. goodburger with their new york attitude (in a good way, with their pastured chicken, house ground meat, recycling program, online ordering and beer) or Five Guys down the street which has been here longer, has free peanuts and cool free toppings list. So then we went to Reading Terminal and picked up . . . actually, if you arent a meat person, you might want to skip down a little bit.

So anyway. We picked up about 10 feet of natural casings, 2 pork shoulders for a total of about 10 lbs and a little over a pound of fatback. Yeah. Fatback. Then we went home and Matty butchered the shoulders and I ground the meat. We decided to do Italian (without fennel and adding basil) and Tex-Mex chorizo (with significantly less cayenne and tequila :-) )as our first attempts. So after the pork, fatback, onions and garlic were ground we mixed all the meat and seasonings together and let it meld. I will post pics later, I promise!


After the sausage preparing we heading tot he Italian Market for the 9th St. Italian Market Festival. It is exactly what it sounds like. A huge Italian Festival running down 9th St. from Fitzwater to Federal. Mmmmm! So we got ourselves some Peroni and Meatballs and Gnocchi and Cannoli and walked around for awhile. It was a beautiful day. Then we stopped by Dustyn's and went to grab a drink (or two pitchers) at O'Neal's and got to see the Preakness. Then we headed for dinner at Royal Tavern. We managed to get a table right away and (as Dustyn recommended as always a good idea) ordered one of the specials and Chorizo burger with grouda, roasted red peppers and a mustard sauce. They mixed the beef and chorizo together to make the burger. It was fantastic. We also got an enormous order of nachos and of course, the truffle popcorn. It was a really good day all around.

Sunday morning we got up and decided to do some shopping since the weather was going to be crappy. First we needed to make the sausage though. Again, stop reading if you dont want to hear about it.

So this was (obviously) my first time working with sausage casings and they are surprisingly easy to work with. We vigorously cleaned them and followed all the directions and then on to stuffing. Which took significantly less time than I expected. It all went very well. One thing, in case you were thinking about doing this, which I am sure you are not, getting the sausage into the machine is tough because air pockets form so you really have to stuff it down. Which is why there is a stuffer tool I suppose. But it all went well. We have some of the chorizo left over as bulk which we will try this week. Mmmm! Cant wait to try these this weekend.


After the sausage we got a car (a Mini) and went to IKEA, Lowe's and Target. I wanted cloth napkins. This was an idea from Beth. While it has been vigorously point out to us that no matter what we do, as long as we keep flying, nothing will help reduce our carbon footprint or our reliance on oil, I still feel better doing what we can. So cloth napkins, giving them a try. Also I wanted to pick up a tomato plant since I have no confidence that our seedlings will make it. And a strawberry plant since our strawberries are a disaster. Again, pics are coming. I swear. It started to pour right as we were leaving Ikea. Which of course made Lowe's garden center lots of fun. Once we got home we decided to stay in the rest of the night. We watched The Savages. It was very good. I think it was my favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman role actually. He and Laura Linney were both fantastic. Not a happy movie. But really good. We decided to order in, again, since it looked like a hurricane outside (which of course stopped as soon as our food arrived). So Greek lady half salad and half sandwich for dinner and we downloaded WiiWare TV Show King which is essentially just a trivia game. We just wanted to check out WiiWare essentially. Then we played some Smash Bros..

We also talked to our landlord and as we suspected, they were not in the loop. So apparently instead of having professionals come and tear up the bathroom to fix the leak, one of the landlords is going to come and fix it through the ceiling. Which is . . . interesting . . . seeing as how he couldn't tell we even had a leak and is a cabinet and surfboard maker. Oh and this is all going to happen on Memorial Day. So much for a relaxing day off at home. Sigh. We will see.

And yes, I know, I have to post pics. Sausage, Garden, Hole. Promise!

1) Use the clues to fill in the blanks below with words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings and different spellings.
a) Part ______ Tranquility ______
b) Movement of the sea ______ Put together with a cord or rope ______
c) Sardonic ______ A grain ______

2) The names of eight people are hidden in the sentence below. Can you find them? (The letters are consecutive order.)
California is a noted place to see the sea, no less than movie theaters.

3) What number is one more than one-tenth of one-half of one-half on 1000?

Friday, May 16, 2008

miserable rain . . . is not the right stuff

It is GROSS out! Ewww! What happened to April shower brings May FLOWERS. Not downpours and 50s.

Update on our ceiling - still a hole, still a bucket, still dripping, plumber not returning our calls. Awesome.

Last night we had mexican-y veggie wraps. Zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, kale, onions, carrots, red pepper, black beans, chipotles with cilanto, coriander, garlic, chili powder, chives, basil and oregano. With iberico cheese and sour cream. With a side of good old fashioned spanish rice. And we watched Lost. Which is SO confusing!

This morning the New Kids on the Block were on the Today show in their first live appearance in 15 years. They released their first album in 1986. 1986 people! I am not sure how I feel about the fact that 1) I went to a concert for a band that has been gone for 15 years when I was in 5th(?) grade. 2) There were people that drove form Toronto and slept on the streets of New York for 2 nights to see them. 3) they haven't had a concert of that magnitude on the Today Show (number of screaming people and volume of the screaming) since 'NSYNC's first live performance 4) The majority of the screaming fans appeared to be in their 40s.

They sound exactly like they did. Jordan and Joey appear to have gotten better looking with age. Jonathan does not look good (He was my favorite but he looks like he is a constant state of panic on stage). They probably shouldn't be dancing like that. Just in case you were wondering - Jordan is now 38 (tomorrow) and has an 8 year old and a 1 year old. Jonathan is 40. Joey is 35 and has a 6 month old. Donnie is 38, divorced and has a 15 year old and a 7 year old. Danny is still ugly, is 39 (birthday was Wednesday) and divorced with 4 kids (16, 13, 10, 9, from 2 mommies).

One last note before your puzzle, if you will notice the links on the sidebar. One of them is Ciggitycite which is a forum set up by a friend in my program where people talk about pretty much everything from politics to food to movie and music and random internet stuff and bodily functions. If you are interested in joining (you dont have to post but you really really really should) let me know.

Two For One: Find the word that fits the definitions below when it's a) a whole word and b) divided into two separate words.
a) Whole word: pitch pattern of a speaker's words (10 letters)
b) Two words: 1) wild about (4 letters)
2) country; land (6 letters)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

sara --

Benevolent to a fault
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day

The bucket is still there. And it is still dripping. And we still haven't heard anything or gotten any notes or anything from the plumber. Awesome.

Last night we went to Sidecar for drinks. Joey and Dan and a friend of Joey's met us there. Of course I had a few too many. But hey, they were $2.50 and it was nice out. And Nina is still away. So whatever. When we got home we made a pizza with some leftover sausage sauce from Monday and some fresh mozzarella and fresh ricotta. Then we played Mario Kart. Which didn't go well. Considering the number of drinks we had, that isn't terribly surprising.

My garden is a little disappointing thus far. But we have had an awful lot of rain and very little sun recently. I am hoping that it will start being crazy soon. I should take some pics and post them. Soon. Soon. We do have some sprouts in the cherry tomatoes which is exciting. I am not good at growing stuff form seed so I will be pretty excited if those grow nicely. Our strawberries . . . . yeah not so much . . . And something destroyed half of my thai basil. :-( Matty thinks we have a possum. Which I would be pretty unhappy about. Something has been eating ant traps. We hear noises at night but have not been able to identify it yet. Seriously though. A possum? Sigh.

Matty and I are starting to plan our summer. So if you are wanting a visit, start sending me dates.

Puzzle: The English names of two major European cities fit the pattern below. What are they?
_ U_ _CH

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy National Dance Like a Chicken Day

Well then. Yesterday a plumber was coming to the house to supposedly cut an access hole in our living room ceiling (right over the record player if you know the place), repair the leak from our shower and tada! No more leak and we would have to deal with a small hole for awhile. Right. So when we got home to find a giant (ok, not giant, but large) hole in the ceiling, one of our recessed lights hanging by its wires due to the lack of ceiling around it and a bucket on the floor, but no note or message of any kind. We were a bit concerned. When the drip was still there this morning we were a bit more concerned. So, yeah. Big hole in the ceiling. Still dripping. Gross bucket on the floor. Drywall dust on bookcase. Furniture in disarray. And the tupperware I was using to catch the drip? Missing. At least it wasnt my good tupperware. Yes. I have good tupperware.

Last night we had pork carnitas nachos. Multigrain and flaxseed chips, corn, black beans, salsa, cheddar, queso iberico, and Trader Joes prepackaged pork carnitas. After dinner we played Smash Bros. We have now put in almost 8 hours towards the adventure game, The Subspace Emissary, and we have just hit 50%. Which is impressive since it is obviously not the main purpose of the game.

Today I went to see David Baltimore talk. He is the 6th Nobel Laureate (possibly 7th) I have seen speak. First was Al Gore back at Pitt, Andy Fire who I saw at Pitt before he won, then Paul Lauterbur at my Pitt graduation, then Michael Brown at the 2006 CAMB Symposium, then Desmond Tutu on the Semester at Sea reunion and now David Baltimore. I think there was another one a few years ago, but I cant remember. He gave a really good talk, though you can tell he isnt in the lab much anymore. I am trying to see as many Nobel Laureates as I can. Can't hurt right?

My mother's wedding guest list. For my wedding. That isnt being planned yet. Is up to 114. Sigh. She only thinks about 100 would actually come though. I told her to start alienating friends and family immediately.

Puzzle: Tricky Age Four words with "age" in them fir the definitions below. All words are at least six letters long.
a) The safekeeping of goods
b) Wild
c) Slaughter
d) A vehicle

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Switch over?

I am considering a switch from blogging on my myspace page to blogging here. My previous musings can be found through my myspace page. I will try bloggin here and playing around with this and see what happens. As a caveat. I have very little interesting to say. I generally talk about food and movies and what I did last night. But I usually post some puzzles and would love comments. So yeah . . . here we go . . .


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