Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recent "television" watching

We pretty much don't watch TV anymore. Well we dont watch shows on TV. We always end up missing an episode and then fall behind and then give up. Enter Netflix. Never have to wait til the next week, never miss an episode, pause, fast foward . . . tada! I will have to say that we do watch the Food Network (obsessively), Jeopardy! and the occasional Bravo, Style Network or Discovery Channel show. And now we watch Mad Men (because it is available On Demand if we miss an episode) and I hope to start watching Project Runway tonight. But back to my point, we have an entire queue on Netflix devoted to TV. For awhile we were watching the first 3 and a half seasons of Battlestar Galactica so there wasn't much to talk about since I have already presented my arguments for watching and against discussing Battlestar Galactica here.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons 1 (2005) and 2 (2006). This is one of those shows that a bunch of our friends constantly ask "Do you watch It's Always Sunny?" And when we said no they always seemed sad that they couldn't share a love with us. (Arrested Development is another one of those shows) So when we were ready to start a new series, we decided to give it a shot, we figured hey, 2 seasons on 3 disks? Why not? Oh my God! We have totally started asking everyone "Do you watch It's Always Sunny?" It is so good! I have no idea what possessed FX to even air this show. It is so irreverent. It is so ridiculous. There are episode titles like "The Gang Gets Racist" and "Charlie Wants an Abortion" and "Charlie Gets Molested" and "The Gang Goes Jihad" and . . . ok, you get the point. Get yourself a copy of the first 2 seasons. Watch them. Laugh your ass off. Now!

Mad Men Season 2 (2008). Are you serious? Have you not watched this yet? Really? Because honestly, this is one of those things that is going around in a million directions from everyone you know. And it is so totally as good as that. It is. The clothes, the hair, the attitudes towards women, and smoking, and homosexuality and drinking . . . at work. It is totally amazingly excellent. Fantastic and all that. Really. C'mon now. Get on board before it jumps the shark or decides to cancel itself. Really? You don't know what it is about? How is that rock you are living under? Ok, so Mad Men is about Mad Men. Don't know what Mad Men are? They are Madison Avenue Admen from the early 1960's.

Friday Night Lights Seasons 1 (2006) and 2 (2007). This is the show about the Dillon Panthers football team, their coach (played by Kyle Chandler) and their town. I watched this on Netflix Watch Instantly on my new eee on our new TV while Matty was in DC with his parents and then while I was home sick with my sinus infection. The first season had me crying pretty much every episode. And I was PMSing but I dont think it was all that. The second season was not as good. A few things seemed really forced and some plot lines from the first season were totally dropped. I will give Season 3 a chance but I am not really hopeful. But Season 1 is totally totally totally worth watching. I like football in general but Texas high school football (along with a lot about Texas) FREAKS me out and I still recommend it. You have to get used to the camera work. I like it but it is unpopular with a lot of people I think. So check it out. After Mad Men. And It's Always Sunny.


Beth Renner said...

Weird - I was just thinking today of doing a quick post on TV shows. So if I do get around to that soon, don't think I was trying to copy you. Sunny is the best. I'm just getting into Mad Men.

princess said...

I assume that everyone gets all of their good ideas from this blog. And by everyone I mean the 3 people who read this. And by good ideas I mean . . . sigh.