Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eat - Kraftwork

Sidecar has a new baby sister. Kraftwork, up in the far-away Fishtown is owner, Adam Ritter's newest pride and joy. And he has every right to be proud and joyful. It opened up on Friday. We skipped the opening since we figured it would be crazy (and from what I hear it was!). We showed up at opening (they had to unlock the door for us) on Saturday and within 45 minutes there was a wait for tables. The bar is absolutely gorgeous and features 25 beers on tap with 8 oz pub pours, 10.5 oz goblets and 16 oz pints available. As well as growlers. $10 for the growler and then fills ranging from $10-$17 (cheapest we have found so far). The decor is part architecture, part art gallery with metal-work and hops inspired wall art, hanging art and seating (family style 6-tops so be ready to meet other patrons). And of course, the most important part, the food! It is very ballsy for a brand new eatery featuring things like rabbit, chicken liver mousse and pork crispy treats (think rice krispy treats, but replace the rice krispies with pork rinds, and top them with bacon and chocolate sauce - no I am not kidding). So we started with ricotta dumplings (with wilted Swiss chard and red pepper Harissa sauce). Of them Matty said - "If I am ever in the hospital and my doctor says it doesn't look good I need you to run up here and get me some of these as my last meal." Yeah. I think he liked them. They were so tasty! I don't know how they got that much flavor into ricotta (Claudio's)! The chard was wilted perfectly. And the sauce. You could put that sauce on anything and I would probably eat it. Next we split the beer can chicken sandwich (with sharp provolone, fried long hot peppers and caramelized onions served with red cabbage and apple slaw) and garlic and herb fries with a Yard's porter mustard aioli. The chicken was shockingly tender, the provolone delightfully sharp and the peppers and onions . . . perfection. Everything should be served with fried long hots. And on that brioche-style roll. And with the Yard's mustard. Really. I will dream about that mustard. The fries were great and the portion was huge! For dessert we had . . . yup, you guessed it, the pork crispy treat. Matty described it perfectly - "An eating disorder in food form." Topped with bacon and chocolate. It was so decadently delicious. The salty porkiness with the sweet marshmallow. The bacon with the chocolate. My God. I should never tell anyone we ate it (oops) but we did and I would recommend it to anyone (any omnivore at least). At least once. We drank - Doc's Apple Cider, Hitachino Ginger Ale, Young's Double Chocolate Stout, Dark Horse Reserve Special Black Bier, Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager and Elysian The Wise. We will be back, all the way to Girard and Montgomery we will go.

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